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    I think I'll just copy your Christmas list and save myself the hassle of writing my own. Except I'll take a gardener instead of a pool boy, and I could go for a craft room, period, let alone a soundproof one. Oh, how I miss those days when craft supplies weren't stacked all over my bedroom. Now I have to go read the posts you linked, because I'm nodding along as I read, remembering the time a fit-throwing baby pushed down my shorts in Wal-Mart. Good times.

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    Personlige lÃ¥nebøger er da langt federe end biblioteksbøger, som er pakket irriterende ind, og som man har noia over at tage med til udenlandske destinationer. Generelt: Bøder stinker. Jeg er herrerimelig med mine tilbagebetalingskrav 🙂

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    Counterlight–…so, as go the artists, so goes the church….? perhaps with the rise of modern literalism, the meteoric metaphoric holy story-telling and vision (and therefore art) in our holy scriptures were lost?your questions have really excited my imagination!! Thank you!–margaret

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    towns don’t have enough security resources so they have to alternate stations and consolidate. He said there was one stabbing death last night in Clifton on a gas line. It’s a marshall law martini with a twist of soviet life style. How quaint. Oh well, cest la vie….

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